Friday, July 1, 2011

the Medical Situation

Here are a few vital stats and medical conditions, some can be attributed to being a fat bastid, others not so much:

Spondylolisthesis of the L5-S1 vertebral joint, with resulting thecal sac impingement and bilateral sciatica.

Blood pressure average is 170/90.

Blood sugar average (fasting) is 155.

Weight is approximately 350, but fluctuates rapidly.

 sexy, huh?

Height is 5' 10.5"...I used to be 6 feet tall, but my spinal column has compressed over time.

Severe complex obstructive sleep apnea, treated with CPAP therapy at 12.5 psi.

Soft tissue damage to left knee, resulting in need for a walking cane for most situations.

I can only walk for about 50 yards before I must sit down and rest my back. Standing in line is out of the question, and a simple shopping trip to Walmart results in daylong pain in both legs.

I take vicodin for the pain, averaging a mere 10 milligrams per day, but a day trip to watch a football game will require at least 30 milligrams. I must be careful, and balance my need for relief with the danger of becoming hooked on painkillers...

I can no longer go wadefishing, walk on soft surfaces, ride on bumpy roads, or lift anything heavier than about 30 pounds. Walking with a cane has made my wrists susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Plus, I'm not exactly the sexy beast my darling bride deserves...fat, nasty, clumsy, inelegant...pretty Goddam pathetic. Notice, I didn't include my face in that shot. I am not ashamed of much, but I am ashamed of the way my body looks. Just fukkin' nasty!

sounds like a fun, fulfilling life, huh? All of that will change, I hope.....but not soon enough.

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