Saturday, May 19, 2012

Then...and Now

almost 10 months out, down 121 pounds, actually enjoying life...

Ran a race today, only one mile, but had alot of fun. They haven't posted all of the times yet, but I know my time is somewhere in the middle of the pack of the one-milers, which means I run on average like the other new runners, the moms with small children, and the small children themselves...I got dropped by a 4 year old girl - AGAIN! One of these days I'm gonna kick her tiny little butt. So embarrassing. (Not really, its actually kinda funny).... I look back at old pictures, and the change is just ridiculous. To go from the sick fat bastard on the left, to the entirely ordinary looking guy on the right, is just a whole new life. Call me Walt 2.0

Old Walt 1.0 profile pic...

and Walt 2.0 profile pic...

yeah, a big improvement, if I do say so myself.

I now have about 3 months to get ready for a 5K race here in Pass Christian, the Summer Beach Run on August 4th...August. Ya think it might be kinda hot? Meh, I can hack it!

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