Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What a Year!

One Year out from Surgery...130 pounds gone, health improved dramatically.

    What a year this has been! Last year on this date, I was in the hospital, doped up and bloated, in pain and groggy from having a few ounces of tissue snipped out. The next few weeks, quite frankly, sucked! Liquid diets and pain pills, YAY! I was actually dreaming about cheeseburgers!
    Since that fateful day, I have seen some remarkable changes in my life. I have lost 130 pounds, an average of 10.8 pounds per month. My diabetes is gone, completely disappeared, as is my sleep apnea - no more Darth Vader sleep mask for me! I used to squeeze into 46 inch waist jeans, now my 34's are too dang loose. I have to keep drilling more holes in my belts, or my pants fall off as I swagger along. Yes, I swagger, I strut like a rooster, I act like a sexy, badass hunk of a man...I'm actually completely ordinary looking, but I feel awesome!
    I used to be, for all practical purposes, a fat, non-functional cripple, incapable of doing anything even remotely physical. These days, I run road races, work for hours in the yard, swim, lift weights, and this coming sunday, I am living a dream come true - I will make my first solo skydiving jump! I have made 3 jumps so far, all of them tandem jumps, with an instructor strapped to my back. I will have several hours of additional training, suit up and strap up, go for a plane ride, and beat the plane back down to the ground - awesome! I'm already stoked...

    No, that's not me, but it will look something like that, except I'll have an instructor on either side of me, making sure I don't go splat. Think about it for a minute - going from a hobbling, lurching cripple, constantly in pain, walking with a cane and barely able to function at all, to a walking, running, lifting, working, swimming, skydiving birdman, in one year! I only have one regret - I regret I waited as long as I did, and I was such a miserable bastard to be around for so family had to put up with entirely too much bullshit for far too long, because I was in such sorry-ass shape, so miserable and so sick. I can only hope they can forgive me for the pain I caused them.

EDIT....THIS is me!

        and it was a nice, soft landing, too!

 Time to get on with the rest of my life...the fat man is dead, the real me is here, and the voyage of change will continue - but this particular year of change has come to an end, and so has this blog. Time to jump, goggles on, stand in the door - GERONIMO!!!

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